A great beginning to the year for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle brands in Poland

15 April 2016

In the first quarter of 2016, 1,895 Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles were registered in Poland, 339 more than in the same period last year. After the first three months of the year, Volkswagen’s market share of new cars was 11.1 per cent. The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle brand most often registered was the Caddy, of which 756 have already hit the streets this year.
“We’re especially pleased by the fact that tour customers have been taken with two new models, the fourth-generation Caddy and the six-generation Transporter, which were both launched last year.
 The registration results clearly show that both models are increasingly being selected by delivery van users. This is thanks to the new design, which is closer to that of passenger cars, and the new driver-assist systems, while at the same time we have retained all the characteristics of delivery vans. In 2016, a further two new models will be introduced. The brand offer will include the new Volkswagen Amarok, as well as the long-awaited new Volkswagen Crafter, which will be manufactured in the factory in Białężyce near WrześniaThis means that by the end of the year the whole range of the brand will be renewed,” says Piotr Łakomy, Director of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand.
In terms of the number of registrations among models of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand, the leader this year is the Caddy with 756 cars registered. Next comes Transporter (729), Crafter (234) and Amarok (176).

After startup of production of the new-generation Volkswagen Crafter in Białężyce near Września in the second half of this year, three of the four Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle brand basic models will be produced in production plants of Volkswagen Poznań. This concerns the models: Caddy, Transporter and Crafter. Last year, Poznań production plants released 171,000 cars.