A Cohesive Team in Kosewo

30 April 2014

A group of about 30 people showed up in Kosewo punctually at 10 and quickly went to work. The volunteers had plenty of work before them to deal with. They had just a few hours to assemble 21 new beds, which were to replace older, worn-out couches. The employees who deal with automobile production each day coped with the assembly. 

I am very pleased with the turn-out for this Monday action. This is proof that people want to selflessly help others - said with pride Monika Hajbowicz, the Head of Communications at Volkswagen Poznan, and organizer of this „whole mess”.

Her words were confirmed by Anna Drazkowiak, who once again got involved to help the facility in Kosewo, and each day is responsible for the quality assurance laboratory: This is a really cool thing. Not on that you can momentarily get away from your daily responsibilities but you get to do good for others. It really gives a lot of satisfaction.

Last summer the VW Poznan volunteers visited the facility to, among other things, renovate and paint the children’s rooms in the facility. Monday’s action is therefore a continuation of the earlier action. In addition to new beds, the children’s home also received a new washing machine which, because of the large number of children, will surely be used frequently.

This is really a cohesive team – complimented at the end of the speedy work and volunteer cooperation with Volkswagen Mr. Iwona Gilewicz, Director of the „Szansa” (Chance) Home for Children and Youths in Kosewo. I am very pleased that the employees once again came to our facility. Their work and selfless help really mean a lot of us. Once again we want to whole heartedly thank them for their support and commitment.