20.000th MAN TGE has left the production line of Volkswagen Poznań factory in Września.

30 May 2019

  • Employees of the factory in Września have already produced the 20.000th MAN TGE vehicle
  • The production of the MAN TGE model constitutes 12% of the total volume of the factory in Września.
  • It is an example of synergy and cooperation of two Volkswagen brands

30.05.2019 Września: 20.000th MAN TGE vehicle left the production lines of Volkswagen Poznań factory in Września. The jubilee vehicle has the van body and a 136 hp electric motor. MAN e-TGE with the number 20.000 is red.

In 2018 the production lines in Września were left by total 75.904 cars - 66.889 of VW Crafters and 9.015 of MAN TGEs, which constitutes 12% of the total production volume.  The planned production volume of MAN vehicles in 2019 will be approximately 16.700 vehicles.

Jens Ocksen, President of the Management Board of Volkswagen Poznań said: “The factory in Września is one of the most modern vehicle factories in the world. Not only its size, but also its functionality and production technology are impressive. Cooperation with the MAN brand gives us the ability to make full use of the potential of our facility and at the same time through synergy and cooperation within one company we offer the best solutions for our customers."

The cars produced in the Września factory are present in different variants of conversions:
- three versions of the length: 5.986 x 6.836 x 7.391 mm

- three versions of the height: 2.355, 2.590 and 2.798 mm

- the commercial version (van)

- with a single or double cab on a frame

- with Diesel engine: 2.0 TDI with 102, 140 or 177 hp and the 136 hp electric motor

- with a special conversion.

Full power. 3-Shift operation. 420 cars each day.

Today the Volkswagen Poznań plant in Września operates with 3 shifts and the employment status is now more than 3400 people with daily production of 420 vehicles. Along with the launch of the third production shift in September 2018 the plant has reached its full production capacity.