Volkswagen Poznań Manufacturer of the Year

20 Juni 2015

Volkswagen Poznań has been named “Manufacturer of the Year” in the “CEE Manufacturing Excellence Awards” poll. The prize is awarded to the best manufacturing company in Central and Eastern Europe.

This prestigious distinction is confirmation of the success and achievements of companies from Central and Eastern Europe in terms of their perfecting various aspects of production organisation. Almost 400 representatives from various branches of industry took part in the event. In addition to the main prize, Volkswagen Poznań was also awarded a distinction in the categories “Sustainability and Environment” and “Excellence in Manufacturing Management”.

The prizes were accepted on behalf of the company by Robert Pleśnierowicz, Paint Shop Director at the new factory in Białężyce near Września. “The years 2014 and 2015 were strategic years in the development of Volkswagen Poznań. In June we started up production of new models – the Caddy 4 and the T6. In March of last year the VW concern announced its decision to locate a new factory producing the Crafter model in Września, about 50 km from Poznań. The value of the investment concerning the construction of the new plant is more than 800 million euros. About 3,000 workers will be employed in the new factory.

Historically, this is one of the largest foreign investments in our country. Another important aspect of the growth of our activities is the research and development department created in 2014, in which the target is to employ about 50 Polish engineers supporting the development of innovation, not only for our products, but also to increase the importance of R&D activities in the auto industry in Poland,” said Robert Pleśnierowicz in accepting the award.

Volkswagen Poznań has been operating on the Polish market since 1993, and manufactures various versions of the VW Caddy and VW Transporter models, which are sent out to car markets worldwide. Last year, employees of the Poznań factory produced 175,000 vehicles – 150,000 Caddy models and 25,000 Transporters, as well as almost 4 million components for car production. Production is currently under way in 3 locations in Poznań and nearby Swarzędz, and will soon also include Września, where more than 3,000 new workers are to find jobs. Already, Volkswagen Poznań, with employment at a level of 7,000 people, is the largest employer in Greater Poland. After the startup of the new factory in Września and the planned employment increase in the plant in Poznań, the company will employ a total of as many as 11,000 people and will produce almost 300,000 cars per year.