• Elevated InTENsity

    The aim of Elevated InTENsity project is become the first Pole to reach the peak of Snow Panther in one season, and achieve that in a period of less than 42 days.

    We invite you to follow the journey of our employee.

  • Good start.


    New employees undergo a number of theoretical trainings covering for example product development process, quality assurance, communication or effective cooperation. New employees have a chance to learn the specifics of work in the Assembly Room, Paint Shop or foundry. The last stage is a visit to VW dealer.

  • Departmental and inter-departmental workshops

    We use different potential analysis instruments to define strengths and weaknesses of our employees. It is the starting point when planning an individual development path.

    Development paths

    We rely on our personnel, that is why every employee has a chance to be horizontally or vertically promoted.

    Development programmes

    Our offer of trainings and development programmes supports development of professional and interpersonal (extra-professional) skills.

    Organisation development

    We pay particular attention to high quality and effectiveness of trainings constantly monitored by the company.


    Each employee is offered trainings corresponding to their current assignments.

    VWP Academy

    Academy constitutes a Training Centre within which we train Volkswagen Poznan employees. We also conduct trainings for external companies. We warmly invite you to get familiar with the current offers.

    Trainings within the VWP Academy
  • Check-up

    It is a voluntary and complex health check-up offered to employees every four years. The examination covers a number of diagnostic tests completed with medical advice.


    Demographic challenges

    Volkswagen Poznan is aware of demographic changes taking place in our society.


    Future Mother Programme

    Concerned about pregnant women VWP created the Future Mother programme. It is addressed to all women who are expecting a child but want to remain professionally active.


    Health strategy

    The company focuses on conducting code examinations, providing employees with outpatient care and, for many years, offering many additional examinations and activities improving employees' health condition.


    Outpatient care

    Our employees are offered 24-hour medical care in outpatient clinics located in all Poznan and Swarzedz plants.


    Preventive measures

    Volkswagen Poznan actively supports its employees who care about their health condition, by organising various preventive and health-improving actions in the workplace.


    The VWP Rehabilitation and Fitness Centre.

    The centre was built for VWP employees who would like to improve their figure, health condition and well-being.


    Workplace ergonomics

    Health-promoting and medical activities are complemented by ergonomic counselling.

  • Advantage Privilege

    Advantage Privilege is a proven new car sales offer.



    The employees of the Poznan plant constitute its greatest asset.


    Rehabilitation and Fitness Centre

    After work, employees can use a modern and fully equipped gym.