• Caddy

    Recognised and popular worldwide, light commercial vehicle. We warmly invite you to get familiar with a model manufactured only in the Poznan Plant.


  • Caddy Maxi

    A version extended by 47 cm in reference to a serial Caddy is the youngest model in our plant - manufactured since 2007, with a passenger version for 7 persons.


  • Transporter

    One of the most popular Volkswagen vehicles; open body versions, manufactured since 2003, are constructed only in our plant. Check out the current version of a cult "Cucumber".


  • The new Crafter

    The new Crafter – setting new standards Practical, economical and innovative like never before


  • Special Vehicle Bodies

    At the request of a customer the Plant develops constructions and manufactures specialised cars based on Caddy, Caddy Maxi and Transporter T6. They are intended for both individual customers and institutions. We warmly invite you to get familiar with our offer.


  • Cylinder heads

    A cylinder head is a part of a combustion engine closing the top of cylinders' operating space and connected to the engine block.

  • Steering gearbox housing

    A steering column gearbox housing is a tubular housing of a steering gearbox connecting a wheel hub bearing with a housing of a steering mechanism.