Production of castings

The Volkswagen Poznan Foundry produces cylinder heads, founded using a gravity technology, and steering column gearbox housings, produced using a pressure technology.
Yearly production of all details amounts to approx. 4 million items. We provide components for the majority of Volkswagen brands.

With a tonnage of 30 000 tons per year we are the second largest Foundry in the Group and one of the biggest ones in Europe. 20% of cars manufactured in European plants of Volkswagen AG Group are equipped with cylinder heads from Poznan. Every fifth steering column gearbox housing of Volkswagen Group is manufactured in the Volkswagen Poznan Pressure Foundry.

  • Gravitational foundry

    In this area we produce cylinder heads, i.e. parts of a combustion engine closing the top of cylinders' working space, connected to the engine block. Permanent-mould castings are made of special aluminum alloy, poured gravitationally into metal moulds called permanent moulds (gravity dies). In order to ensure mechanised and automated casting process, the permanent moulds are mounted on special machines with hydraulic drive (permanent mould casting machines). Permanent mould casting machines are placed next to metering furnaces, where molten metal is supplied from the Melting Plant.


  • Pressure foundry

    Production of die-casts is carried out in automated die-casting stations, which operate using machines that inject metal into the mould under the weight of 1650t and 1350t. The main product belonging in this production area is the housing of the steering column, which is a tubular housing of the steering gear.