Environmental protection

Sustainable development requires simultaneous activities in economic, social and ecological areas. Volkswagen Poznan is a company that approaches the problems of environmental protection with responsibility and takes all available measures to minimise its impact on the environment. Volkswagen Poznan employees are proud of their achievements in the field of environmental protection and, at the same time, are aware of challenges they will need to face in the future.
Below you can get familiar with Volkswagen Poznan's undertakings in the field of the environmental protection.

  • Integrated Environmental Management System

    The efficiency of measures taken as well as correct implementation and current compliance with mandatory standards are regularly monitored by independent auditors. Their positive opinion leads to aconclusion that Volkswagen Poznan is a company complying with high environmental and energy requirements of ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 systems.


  • Technologies

    The company uses the latest technologies, devices and utilities management systems reducing its impacton the environment.


  • Think Blue.Factory.

    Learn about „Think Blue.Factory.” concept which aims at 25% reduction of environmental indicators of Volkswagen plants.