• 2 000 000

    We have already manufactured over 2,5 million vehicles.

    Caddy, I am from Poznan.

    Caddy is manufactured only in the Poznan plant


    Caddy was renewed in 2010.

    Since over 10 years

    In Poznan, Caddy has been manufactured since 2003.

  • Caddy VAN

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    Also for work

    Commercial version of Caddy.

    Everything will fit in

    Caddy Van, with a loading capacity of 3.2 m3 is exceptionally spacious.

    No more problems with packing

    Sliding 70 cm wide passenger door is the widest in this class.

    Prepared for a hard work

    Loading capacity 545-813 kg

  • Caddy Alltrack

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    Rear lights

    Caddy Cross is distinguished by its dimmed rear lights.

    Stylish additions

    Cross version is enriched with special front and rear bumper shields with silver elements, shields of wheel arches and strakes at both sides of a body.

    The youngest in the family.

    Manufactured since 2012, premiered at the IAA Fair in Hanover.